The antidote to weakness and laziness

Very often it is not just laziness or unwillingness to block the road towards weight loss or muscle toning. It happens that workout plans that are too hard and stressful (in the gym or at home) turn into unnecessary fatigue for the body and mind. In that case, motivation or a protein supplement is not enough to move forward.

We have been educated in the culture of sacrifice, but too often of a useless and frustrating sacrifice. Instead, there is a way to lose weight and grow muscle effortlessly, quickly and naturally. Respecting the rhythms of the natural functions of the body.

Most people start to train, enroll in the gym, start a diet and after a while, leave everything. These people, in the long run, feel defeatist and weak, changing their perception of themselves and discouraging themselves in an irrecoverable way. This is what we must avoid.

You can shape your body without making enormous sacrifices in the gym, without forced food renunciations and above all without very long training sessions. It is precisely the moments of training, conceived in a wrong and exhausting way, that ruin the path to the transformation of your appearance; and of your mindset, of course.

“Lose weight is too difficult”. “I tried all the diets and I do sports, but my somatotype is always the same”. “Increasing muscle mass is extremely difficult”. All sentences that are recurrent and widespread among those who want a leaner, more toned or more sculpted body.

The main reason that keeps you from going ahead is this: the training you are advised to do is too long and tiring. Furthermore, there are other reasons that block the way to physical improvement: the planned physical activity is poorly calibrated, does not bring visible or appreciable transformations, and therefore proves demotivating. And perhaps this activity is experienced as an annoying obligation, not as fun. “I can’t do it”: this is the statement that puts an end to your initial goodwill. In the long run, you do not feel adequate to the culture of sacrifice that tradition (a tradition of little use) has inculcated in you.

Here are three simple and useful tips:

– Choose the most effective activity. Scientific studies have shown that high intensity activities are the most effective in terms of weight loss. These are activities that alternate short moments of high intensity exercises with active breaks. But what does it mean? How to put them into practice? Micro-training uses the concept of high intensity in a revolutionary way. The way of micro-training allows you to speed up your metabolism and keep it active even many hours after exercises.

– Prefer short workouts. This is a fundamental point and the heart of micro-training. Studies from the scientific community show that the most effective workouts are those that involve the largest muscle masses. And that’s good news, because micro-training reveals how to transform your body using a few minutes, but spread over the day, to achieve total toning.

– Choose engaging and fun activities. Sure, the explosive music, instructors able to get you involved… All fun. But then fatigue takes over. And discouragement causes you to leave the gym, and your dreams of glory. The micro-training is totally different: it is the daily help to overcome the challenge with yourself and to defeat laziness.

The motto now is: using little time as effectively as possible. You will see the results after the first month. You will be thinner, stronger, more athletic.