Growing in strength and beauty

When we are born we are by nature flexible, and as children we are whole and balanced. Growth, year after year, seems to us to go on in strength and solidity. Then, with the passage of time, like any machine dealing with wear, comes the rigidity to which it follows – worse – fragility.

Our body is affected by various bad tensions: the joints become stiff, the spine loses its mobility and the circulation of blood and vital fluids is limited by muscle tension. Our daily struggle must counter these negative tendencies.

But there is good news: it takes just a little effort to benefit greatly from simple movements, diluted throughout the day, which become an extraordinary form of preventive medicine. There is more. These movements can sculpt the body excellently, bringing impressive results.

A mountain of statistical studies shows what we already know with intuition, even as children. Anyone who practices sport, gymnastics, tai chi or yoga, even for a short time, knows the beneficial effects of physical activity. However, for many people, weakened by a sedentary life, sacrifice and fatigue cause rapid discouragement. These people, forced to follow a “method” with hard training sessions, easily lose their way to success.

How can benefits be obtained, transforming the appearance of one’s body and increasing one’s well-being? Is there a valid recipe for everyone? Yes, there is. Our body needs constant movement during the day, in every moment when we are awake; it does not need long training marathons or concentrated hours of fatigue. High intensity can be useful in some cases and is certainly necessary for athletes who follow a professional sporting career. But it is not the way for everyone. Indeed, in many cases hard training can be penalizing or destructive.

There is an easy way to change the body, habits and mental form. This site wants to give useful tips to improve physical fitness and general well-being, with a particular goal: radically changing the muscular look of those who will learn the secrets of micro-training.

Why use the term “system” or “method”? Micro-training can be defined as way. Do in Japanese. Do expresses progress in the practice of an art, whatever it is. In fact, kanji is particularly used in traditional Japanese arts, whether they are martial arts or aesthetics. Therefore kado 花道, is “the way of flowers”, that is the art of flower arrangement also known as ikebana. Shodo 書道, the way of writing, is the art of calligraphy. Kyudo 道 is the way of the bow, or Japanese archery. Kendo 剣道, the martial art with bamboo swords, is the way of the sword. And so on.

Micro-training wants to be the way to physical beauty and health. And it is the most natural way, the only one that has accompanied the history of the human being in its evolution, since the primitive age, and that has been forgotten in the industrial and bureaucratized civilization, which has condemned most people to a sedentary lifestyle.